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Tips And Ideas For An Environmentally Friendly Toilet

Tips And Ideas For An Environmentally Friendly Toilet

Helping the environment begins at home and individuals can start by incorporating eco-friendly strategies in the bathroom. Many individuals don't realize that daily bathroom activities can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Read the information below to discover how individuals can easily have an environmentally friendly bathroom without sacrificing comforts or conveniences.

Conserve Water Use In The Bathroom

Flushing the toilet, using the faucet and taking showers are frequent bathroom activities that can have a large impact on water use in the home. By installing low water use alternatives, individuals can drastically cut the amount of water that's used in the bathroom. Modern toilets are made to use less water per flush and they're commonly known as low-flow toilets. To use less water while taking a shower, individuals can install a low-flow shower head that uses less than half of the amount of water than a regular shower head, while still maintaining satisfactory water pressure. When individuals perform their daily grooming routine in the bathroom, the installation of a motion sensor faucet will prevent water from being wasted.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Bathroom Supplies

There are various eco-friendly substitutes for many of the items that are used every day in the bathroom. These include bathroom tissue made out of recycled paper products, natural soaps, shampoos and body wash. Environmentally conscious individuals can purchase non-toxic bathroom rugs, mats and shower curtains. Eco-friendly window treatments, such as curtains and drapes, are also available in various natural and organic materials. Individuals can help save the planet when they choose blinds made out of hardwoods from sustainable forests, jute, hemp and bamboo.

Clean The Bathroom Using Natural Cleaners

When individuals use natural cleaning products to clean their bathroom, they're keeping toxic chemicals out of their home. Using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, such as natural glass and surface cleaners, is the safest way to clean the bathroom and other areas of the home. Cleaning tile, marble, stainless steel and other surfaces with cleaning lady is easy and these cleaners don't leave streaks. When grout lines become dirty or moldy, an all natural grout cleaner can remove these stains effectively and safely. When individuals buy them, they have the satisfaction of helping the environment and keeping toxic substances out of the home.

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