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Long Journey Without Traditional Deodorant

Long Journey Without Traditional Deodorant

There is something that makes sense about turning to wholesome, natural pantry ingredients for nourishing our bodies from the outside as well the inside. Tips: When I have extra deodorant I simply pour it out onto parchment paper and either apply it with my fingers or reheat it with my next batch because I don't like to waste anything Wipe out your bowl with a paper towel (this is one of the only times I use paper towels).

Add a few drops to your favorite homemade deodorant with coconut oil spray cleaners and spritz the mixture on areas that need particular antibacterial attention, like bathrooms and kitchens. You can try limiting the amount you put in - some people use JUST coconut oil, so with the tea tree, clay and arrowroot, you may get good coverage. Jo- You can buy virgin (unrefined) coconut oil in the natural section of most stores. Do not apply any deodorant on skin until the redness and irritation have ceased.

I use the same jar everytime I make deodorant because it's very hard to clean the jar after this process. As a matter of fact, I hardly ever wore deodorant in my 20's and 30's because I didn't sweat much and I didn't smell then. What I do is to apply the crystal salt first, allow it to dry briefly, and then apply my homemade batch. You need to give the deodorant a good 2-3 weeks use before deciding if it works for you or not. I think the baking soda slightly burns a tiny bit occasionally on freshly shaven pits, but it's totally worth it! I once tried to make my own khol eyeliner by letting a wick dipped in vegetable oil burn up with a cover to gather the soot.

I loved this homemade deodorant, good odor control and does not leave you feeling greasy , the only problem I found is that after a few days of use my armpits started to get very irritated, art first i thought it was just the change, but then it just became too much.

I'm willing to try making a few formulations that include a lot more moisturizers, such as shea butter, but the fact is baking soda is abrasive and also a necessary ingredient, at least for me. I've also heard that using magnesium oil as a deodorant works well, and I've heard that magnesium chloride is less irritating than the salts used in salt rock deodorant, so I'll also give that a try.

I just kept turning it until it came out of the plastic deodorant bar and melted it over the stove in a double broiler (stainless steel is ok for the clay). For example, the melaleuca oil in the deodorant recipe that I have included below is antibacterial and will rid you of the source of unpleasant body odors. This is different from baking soda, which is a natural ingredient from the earth. Now this is one recipe that you really can't mess up. Even if it gets really thin it will still work as the deodorizing properties of the baking soda are still there. Lauren- I've seen some with shea butter, but I heard the coconut is anti-bacterial, which I thought might go towards helping the smell. So to make sure my deodorant stick is as hard as possible each morning, I like to keep it in the fridge and apply fresh out of the shower.

If you will be putting into an old deodorant container to use like stick deodorant, let the mixture harden for about 15-20 minutes at room temperature and when it is about the consistency of peanut butter, use a spoon to scoop into the deodorant tube and pack down to fill.

Simply take an empty spray bottle and mix in 15 drops of sandalwood essential oil, five drops of Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils, 5 fresh sage leaves, 2 ounces of witch hazel and 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Because it has a shea butter and coconut oil base, in the winter it is pretty solid.

Whether you choose spray or stick antiperspirants, no product will make a significant difference if you don't practice sensible hygiene habits. I use rosewater in this recipe because it's slightly drying and astringent which is a good thing when it comes to deodorant. I bought a mineral deodorant (chamomile and green tea) I also exfoliate my armpit with baking soda and lemon juice, but that irritated my skin. Coconut oil hardens at just below room temperature and for whatever reason…we keep our house a bit on the cool side. I used all cocoa butter (no Shea), kaolin clay, soy wax, and no probiotic (had none)! I also added about 1 tsp calendula oil as an extra soothing ingredient for my sensitive skin. Адрес сайта: